A close cooperation between the Natural Gas Operators of Greece and Cyprus for the development of infrastructure and the exchange of know-how

The meetings were held within the framework of close cooperation between Greece and Cyprus in the field of natural gas infrastructure developments, aiming to exchange best practices, experience and know-how between the two companies.

Upon the completion of the two-day visit, the Chairman of DEFA, Dr. Symeon Kassianides said: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the visit. We hope that we have found a very good partner and we look forward to a long and constructive cooperation between the two companies."

On his part, the President and CEO of DESFA, Mr. Sotirios Nikas, noted: “We are optimistic that this meeting will be the starting point of a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership for both companies.”

Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA)

DEFA, was established as a private limited company under Companies law in 2007 by the Republic of Cyprus who is the sole shareholder of the DEFA, and is responsible for the import, storage, distribution, transmission, supply and trading of natural gas, and the management of the distribution and supply system of Natural Gas in Cyprus. (www.defa.com.cy)

Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) SA

DESFA is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and development of the National Natural Gas System (NNGS) in Greece. (www.desfa.gr)

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