DEFA - The first stage of the LNG supply tender was completed successfully

Nicosia, 21 December 2020

The first stage of the tender procedure of the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) for the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) was completed successfully.

In summary, 19 carefully selected suppliers qualified for both the medium-term supply of the basic quantities under the "LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement - SPA" contract, and for the process that allows procurement from the "Spot" through “Master Sales Agreement – MSA”.
In addition, 5 more interested suppliers qualified only for the “Master Sales Agreement - MSA" process.

The list of leading companies includes all the major players of the international LNG market. The intense competition for the supply of LNG, reaffirms that the strategic decision for the creation of the floating LNG Import Terminal in Vassiliko is moving to the right direction.

In June 2019 DEFA invited expressions of interest for the supply of LNG through an open tender. The call was successful with 25 different companies of the energy market expressing their intention to supply DEFA with LNG. The procedure concerned the pre-selection of LNG suppliers for concluding agreements that allow the purchase of "spot" cargos and for the selection of a supplier for a termed agreement for the basic quantities.

DEFA is expected to proceed to the next stage of the process in 2021, with the negotiation and execution of MSAs and with an RfP for the selection of the medium-term contract supplier of LNG.

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