CERA gives the “Green light” to DEFA for the development of the backbone facilities of the national Natural Gas System

Nicosia, 9 March 2021

DEFA was granted the license for the construction, ownership, exploitation, and operation of the Natural Gas Transmission System

The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) on February 26th, officially issued to the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) the needed license for the implementation of the project for the development and operation of the required facilities for natural gas transmission in the territory of the Republic.

On November 6th, 2020 DEFA submitted to CERA a complete folder with all the required documents and data, requesting the license to construct, own, exploit and operate the Natural Gas Transmission System.

The applicant company met all the criteria taken into account during the license examination process pursuant to the Natural Gas Market Laws Regulation of 2004 until 2020. It, therefore, managed to obtain the necessary licensing.

DEFA’s main role is the operation, maintenance, management, exploitation, and development of the Transmission System in such a way as to be economically efficient, technically sound, and integrated and to serve the consumers’ needs in natural gas with safety, reliability, and adequacy, ensuring the protection of the environment.

It is noted that the Natural Gas Transmission System, includes all the natural gas installations with high-pressure pipelines and branches, the metering, control, compression and pressure regulation installations, the operational control system, the communication and telecontrol system, the operations and maintenance centers, the gas dispatching control centers and in general all the facilities that are components of the operation and support of the Transmission System.

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